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Riley Children’s Health first to offer comprehensive Perinatal Genomics Program for critically ill newborns

Patient Care

Through a novel program, Riley Children’s Health is using whole genome sequencing for NICU patients with benefits that include more targeted treatment, shorter lengths of stay, better planning for future care and peace of mind for patient families.

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PODCAST: Maternity Matters - Riley genetic counselors provide support to parents

Riley genetics counselors provide support to families before pregnancy and in the months leading up to delivery. Through different types of screenings, these counselors can help parents prepare for any obstacles their baby may have to overcome after birth. The counselors are trained in genetics, biology, statistics and psychology. Their expertise allows them to guide parents as they learn information about their child. This week, one of those counselors explains what it looks like when a parent opts for genetic testing and how the field has advanced in the last couple of decades.

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