Three-year-old requires critical care after bacterial meningitis diagnosis



Oliver Koonce while inpatient at Riley Children's Health

Oliver Koonce’s parents took him the Riley Children’s Health emergency department due to a suspected stomach bug.

They soon learned their three-year-old son had bacterial meningitis.

Oliver was admitted to Riley. His condition worsened after he suffered what appeared to be a seizure. His parents say the Riley team jumped into action to stabilize their son.

Oliver was moved to the intensive care unit and required a ventilator.

Anna and Phillip Koonce, Oliver’s parents, say they’re grateful for the doctors and nurses who walked them through this scary experience and treated Oliver.

The medical team found a way to place a drain to relieve the pressure on Oliver’s brain, which had swelled due to the meningitis.

While Oliver faced some initial challenges after being discharged, his surprised his parents with his quick recovery.

The Riley Critical Care team will have the opportunity to reunite with some of the families they've cared for at the annual Riley Critical Care Walk, happening June 22nd. You can find more information here: