Micro preemies reunite after six months in the NICU



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Emilee Sanders delivered her twins, Rylee and Aria, when she was 25 weeks pregnant due to a placenta abruption.

Recently, the girls reunited for the first time to celebrate their half birthday! They’ve spent their entire lives in the NICU.

Emilee said this special moment in the Riley NICU allowed them to finally capture a photo as a family of four with their micro preemies.

“Aria found out that she is not an only child and you can see how she felt about that,” Emilee said jokingly.

Aria is the big sister. Doctors at another hospital discovered she had a brain bleed soon after birth. This required Aria to be transported to Riley Hospital for Children for the level four NICU.

Both twins have chronic lung disease. So, Rylee was also transported to Riley back in March.

“The day we can bring them home is getting closer and we cannot wait to finally start our lives together at home,” Emilee said. “I’m so proud of my girls and so thankful for our village, including our Riley family.”