Surprise compliment for Riley NICU nurse from mom of baby who spent six months at Riley



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A Riley mom recently sent in a kind note about the NICU nurse who cared for her baby. The mom expressed her gratitude for Lindsey Mehringer, whose attention to detail and focus on caring for the whole family left a long lasting impression. We surprised Lindsey in the NICU to share the compliment with her. You can watch her reaction in the video linked below!

Here's the note from baby Jolene’s mom:

Our daughter, Jolene, was born while I was only 27 weeks pregnant. (November 21, 2022). She had a lot of gastrointestinal issues and almost died. We made the decision to be moved to Riley, which is where we were for the next 6 months. Jolene’s main nurse was Lindsey Mehringer, in the NICU. She is the most amazing nurse we have ever had. She always cared for Jolene. From making sure she had clothes, and making crafts with her, and would even bring in gifts for her. Above all, she was always there for me and my husband. It’s tough for someone to be empathetic toward a situation they’ve never been in. But Lindsey was there for us every step of the way and she never made us feel alone. We always knew our girl was safe if she was in Lindsey’s hands. The day Jolene finally got home was a dream for us. And as a gift, Lindsey made us our own ABC story book all made with Jolene’s hand and footprints. And she also made Jolene her own diploma and NICU graduation cap.