Surprise compliment for Riley inpatient rehabilitation unit secretary



Paula pic

We recently received a compliment for Paula Armas, who is the Riley inpatient rehabilitation unit secretary. We surprised her at work to share the kind words!

The note said: “She is always up looking for opportunities to clean, organize, & take pride in making our unit look nice. She is so caring & compassionate to our patients and families. She truly builds a warm connection to each patient & is an essential member of our care team. Paula recently overheard that one of our young girls was unhappy that half of her hair had been shaved off for surgery, so she instantly crocheted her a hat to make her feel pretty. She literally had it done in about 30 minutes! She also showed tender compassion to a young boy who was scared & sad, & she gave him encouragement when he talked about having to be in a wheelchair. She decorates the unit bulletin board with different themes & promotes staff & patient participation! This month, she created a checkered flag & had staff & patients color race cars with our faces in them!”

Watch the video to see Paula’s reaction!

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