"She was literally drowning in front of me" - IU Health emergency medicine doctor jumps into action to save postpartum patient



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Chelsea Shippy noticed her blood pressure was high and her legs were swollen a couple days after she had her baby. She required hospitalization and her condition suddenly deteriorated.

Chelsea suffered a flash pulmonary edema. Her lungs filled with fluid.

Dr. Megan Crittendon, who is an emergency medicine doctor at IU Health North Hospital, was part of the rapid response team. She saw Chelsea being moved out of an elevator and immediately jumped into action.

“You could see the terror in her eyes,” said Dr. Crittendon. “She was literally drowning in front of me.”

Dr. Crittendon was able to stabilize Chelsea.

The two of them recently reunited. Click the link below to watch the touching meeting.

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Megan R. Crittendon, MD

Emergency Medicine