Seven-month-old baby leaves the hospital for the first time



Phoebe photo

Phoebe Long graduated from the Riley Children’s Health NICU after spending seven months in the hospital.

Phoebe was born at 26 weeks. She spent her whole life in the hospital until she was able to go home this past week.

Now, Phoebe is reunited with her twin sister Daphne who was able to leave Riley a few months ago.

“That is just a dream come true,” said Alanna Long, Phoebe’s mom. “It’s been so long since they’ve been able to be together - really since before they were born. So, it’s going to be great to see them together.”

Phoebe even received her very own NICU graduation cap.

She’s overcome a lot to reach this milestone.

NICU nurses lined the hall as the Longs made their way out of the NICU one final time.

Alanna said she looked forward to a simple yet meaningful moment.

“Just being able to hold all my children, at same time,” She said. “To have them all together in the same room.”