Riley team helps teenager get new power wheelchair that gives her independence




A path to independence: Thirteen-year-old Zailey Andrade was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, a condition that impacts all of her joints. So, she requires a wheelchair to get around.

Zailey and her parents turned to the Riley Children’s Health team to help her get the perfect power wheelchair. A power wheelchair allows Zailey to navigate the chair on her own instead of needing to be pushed by someone else.

Occupational therapist Tiffany Stead was part of the team that evaluated Zailey’s needs and worked with Zailey to ensure the power wheelchair was just right.

“Everything is custom,” Stead said. “She drives with her mouth, and so we had to find the appropriate way to access that and then make sure that we trialed it so that she could make sure she was successful at it.”

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Tiffany A. Stead, OTR

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