OBGYN becomes a patient when severe preeclampsia leads to her own high-risk delivery



Heather photo

An OBGYN found herself on the patient side of the hospital experience due to severe preeclampsia.

Heather Andrews was transported to the Riley Maternity Tower in case she required a preterm delivery. Soon after arriving, her preeclampsia symptoms worsened and her labs revealed she was heading toward HELLP syndrome, which is a life-threatening condition.

She was taken to the operating room for an emergency c-section. Heather went into heart failure and also faced additional complications with her placenta. Heather was hemorrhaging and doctors had to perform a hysterectomy.

Her baby, Ellie, was cared for by the NICU team while Heather was moved to the OB intensive care unit.

Twenty-two hours after giving birth, Heather was finally able to meet her baby. The NICU staff coordinated with the OB ICU team to wheel Ellie down from the NICU floor to Heather's ICU room.