NICU mom of twins expresses gratitude for Riley nurse in surprise compliment



Jen pic

“I was scared, in pain and all I wanted was to hold my tiny babies,” said Ashley Wells about her state of mind as she became a NICU mom for the first time. While she was a seasoned mom of three young children, this was her first experience in the NICU.

Ashley says NICU nurse Jennifer VanHooser made her wish of holding her babies at the same time come true. From then on, they formed a powerful bond that provided Ashley the support she needed to navigate her family’s time on the unit.

Due to her husband’s job, Ashley had to bring her three older children to the NICU each day to visit the twins.

“Jennifer was always including my older children in care time for the twins, she would all of the thousands of questions, offer solutions to their emotional outbursts and would chart in the room to give me an extra set of hands so I could also be attending to the twins.”

We surprised Jennifer with this compliment and captured her reaction on camera. Watch the sweet moment here: