Four-year-old suffers brain bleed after knocking heads with brother



Mave pic

Four-year-old Maverick Hanson was at a birthday party when he accidentally knocked heads with his brother. He seemed particularly upset so his mom picked him up early. While in the car, she noticed he seemed confused and very sleepy. Then, he started vomiting. His mom, Stacy, realized there was something more serious going on and rushed him to their local hospital. There, doctors discovered Maverick had a bran bleed. The decision was made to transport Maverick to Riley Hospital for Children via helicopter. Once he arrived, the operating room was ready for him and surgeons worked to resolve the brain bleed.

Maverick's parents say they are grateful to Riley for having a team ready to go on a Sunday night to care for their youngest child.

After his surgery, Maverick spent just a few days at Riley to recover. Now, he’s back his normal self.

This weekend, he will be throwing out the first pitch at the Indianapolis Indians game.