Family honors memory of 8-year-old son by donating Legos to Riley Children's Health



Will plays with Legos in hospital room

The Flannery family is honoring their son, Will, by donating Legos to Riley Children’s Health.

Eight-year-old Will Flannery passed away earlier this year after a battle with cancer. His mom, Ashley, says Legos were a big part of Will’s routine during his time in the hospital. The family even referred to Will as a “Lego master.”

Even when Will’s movement was limited, he was able to sit in his hospital room and play with Legos.

So, the Flannery family wanted to pay it forward by providing boxes and boxes of Legos to kids who are currently at Riley.

The Riley Cheer Guild members take in these types of donations, organize them and make sure they’re ready for team members to grab them for patients.