Family grateful to Riley fetal surgeons for performing life-saving procedure on their twins

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Rebekah and Daniel Koehn are now home with their five month old twins after navigating a journey with twin to twin transfusion syndrome, also known as TTTS. The condition can threaten the lives of twins who share a placenta. This family says they feel it was a blessing to have the Riley Children's Health team in their corner throughout the whole experience. At 19 weeks pregnant, Rebekah went into the operating room at the Riley maternity Tower so that highly skilled surgeons could perform a life-saving procedure on her babies.

"When we started out, we thought we're gonna lose one or both of them," Daniel said. "And, we ended up having both. We're definitely thankful for the Riley team because, if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be where we're at now."

The family will represent Riley at the Indianapolis Indians game this weekend by throwing out the first pitch!