Dynacleft Therapy in Preparation for Cleft Lip Repair

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One of the great challenges of cleft lip repair is to reconstruct a child with a wide cleft lip. In these children, there is a large space to close and the nose is often pulled to the side. A new innovation which we have adopted for our cleft lip patients is the Dynacleft band.

What is Dynacleft you ask? Dynacleft is a self-adhesive tape that helps to align both the bones and soft tissues for patients born with a complete cleft lip and cleft palate. This tape is placed on your child's face during the months leading up to the surgery. Think of it as a band that slowly pulls the lip and nose together over time so that by the time your child goes to surgery, the size of the cleft is much smaller and the lip and nose are in a better position. For surgeons, Dynacleft therapy makes the reconstruction easier and the results better.

Unilateral and Bilateral Dynacleft visuals

What makes Dynacleft so unique compared to similar devices that have been used in the past is the presence of an elastic center on the tape. This elastic center allows the tape to stay adhered to your baby's mouth during all types of activities enabling the band to stay active constantly. Dynacleft is easy to use and apply.

The plastic surgeons on the Cleft & Craniofacial Anomalies Team at Riley at IU Health have been very pleased with the Dynacleft and the surgical results it has helped us produce. This is another important tool in our toolbox that helps improve treatment results. Ask if your child would benefit from Dynacleft therapy.