Riley Hospital for Children Flu-related Visitor Restrictions in Place for NICU

Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health flu-related visitor restrictions have been lifted. However, because babies, especially those who are ill or premature, are at higher risk of serious complications if they get the flu, visitation restrictions are still in place for all Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) until further notice. 

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The remarkable story of Annika Wampler stems not from an organ transplant, but instead from the doctors' ability to help her avoid an organ transplant. As a baby, a large tumor formed in Annika's abdomen, but the attempts to shrink the tumor through chemotherapy proved fruitless. After these efforts failed, doctors advised that surgically removing the tumor was the most viable option. However, the size of the tumor and its proximity to so many vital abdominal organs made the operation much more complex. In case of complications caused by removing the tumor, the operating surgeons needed to be prepared to perform a multivisceral transplant.

Because the surgeons had the capability to give Annika any organ that she would need, they were able to take aggressive action against the tumor and fully remove it. After some subsequent chemotherapy to ensure that her body was rid of cancer, Annika is cancer-free and doing well.

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