Medications to Maintain Cardiac Output and for Post-Resuscitation Stabilization

MedicationDose RangeRemarks
Inamrinone0.75-1 mg/kg IV/IO over 5 minutes; may repeat x 2 then 5-10 mcg/kg per minuteInodilator
Dobutamine2-20 mcg/kg per minute IV/IOInotrope; vasodilator
Dopamine2-20 mcg/kg per minute IV/IOInotrope, chronotrope; renal and splanchnic vasodilator in low doses; pressor in high doses
Epinephrine0.1-1 mcg/kg per minute IV/IOInotrope, chronotrope, vasodilator in low doses; pressor in higher doses
MilrinoneLoading dose: 50 mcg/kg IV/IO over 10–60 min then 0.25–0.75 mcg/kg per minuteInodilator
Norepinephrine0.1–2 mcg/kg per minuteVasopressor
Sodium nitroprussideInitial: 0.5–1 mcg/kg per minute; titrate to effect up to 8 mcg/kg per minuteVasodilator. Prepare only in D5W

IV indicates intravenous; and IO, intraosseous.


2015 Handbook Of Emergency Cardiovascular Care For Healthcare Providers