What to pack for your child’s surgery

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Whether your child is having an inpatient or outpatient surgery, you and your child may have anxiety about the experience. It is important to keep your child calm, and let him or her know that the surgery is important for their current and future health. Answer any questions your child may have about the surgery, and let him or her know step by step how to prepare before the day of surgery. Also, let your child know that they will have to follow special doctor’s orders, such as not eating any food, chewing gum or consuming any liquids for eight to 12 hours before surgery. These instructions reduce the risk of vomiting or breathing interferences during surgery. Learn more about how to prepare the Day Before Surgery and call the hospital for any questions or concerns you may have.

Making sure your child is well prepared and comfortable in a hospital setting is key for keeping stress levels low and ensuring the surgery process runs smoothly for you and your child. To help, we’ve compiled a list of key items to consider packing for the day of surgery:

What to pack for your child's surgery

We hope your child’s surgery goes well, and that these tips are helpful when planning for a trip to the hospital. Watch our Child's Surgery Prep video to learn more about what to expect the day of surgery.