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A little boy who lost his leg to flesh-eating disease lives his best life during a family trip to Florida.

By Maureen Gilmer, Riley Children’s Health senior writer,

Bryson Crenshaw has had a heck of a year. It was last January when the Lafayette boy was rushed to Riley Hospital for Children with a potentially deadly infection.

And it was one year ago today (Jan. 18) that his right leg was amputated above the knee to save his life.

To celebrate his year of recovery from necrotizing fasciitis, otherwise known as flesh-eating disease, Bryson’s parents surprised him and his brother with a trip to Disney World earlier this month.

“Bryson had a blast,” his mom, Megan Crenshaw said. “The past year has been rough for our family. Between therapy and doctors’ appointments, school and work, we haven’t had much time to just enjoy each other outside the home. This trip gave us the opportunity to press pause and have some much-needed fun.”

Bryson, who will celebrate his 5th birthday next month, has had trouble adjusting to a new prosthetic leg, but he doesn’t let that stop him from living his best life.

He went swimming in Florida for the first time since the surgery and loved it, his mom said, adding that she hopes he can incorporate aquatic therapy into his schedule. He currently participates in the limb loss clinic at Riley.

The preschooler, who loves Nerf gun fights, Nintendo Switch, LEGOs and actor Jamie Foxx, has been forced to mature a lot faster in the past year.

“Bryson came out of the hospital a different kid,” Crenshaw said. “The amount of courage that he shows every day is unbelievable at times. He inspires me every day to be my best self, regardless of my circumstances.”

That’s one reason she continues to share his story.

“I want people to see what I see and be encouraged. A little boy who refuses to let his circumstances define what he is capable of achieving.”

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