Spotlight shines on nurses during awards ceremony



nurses week

National Nurses Week is a chance to celebrate successes and highlight the impact Riley nurses have every day.

By Maureen Gilmer, Riley Children’s Health senior writer,

It was a full house in the Ruth Lilly auditorium this morning as Riley Children’s Health nurses were recognized and celebrated during National Nurses Week.

The awards ceremony was all about shining a light on nurses and the work they do to care for patients, families and each other.

“I am humbled and excited to be here today to celebrate you and all the work you’ve been doing for the past year,” said Megan Isley, chief nursing officer, in her opening remarks. “We have had team successes, we’ve had individual successes, and we’ve had patient successes. We have so much to celebrate.”

Nominees and winners in several categories received recognition from their peers and leadership during the ceremony. Among them:

Daisy Nurse Leader Award: Sara Murff, 8 West.

nurses week

Other nominees: Amy Bales, SFT NICU; Nicole Blanford, Fort Wayne Clinic; Julie Christianson, IUHP Riley Nephrology; Jen Engelmann, Acute Care; Kathleen Head, 5 West; Ronin St. James, PICU; Jessy Henderson, CVICU; Tyler Hostetler, ED; Kelly Marvel, Maternity; Maggie Mohr, Maternity Tower NICU; Paul Plowman, Burn Unit; Lacy Vaughn, PICU and associate administrator; Ashlee White, North Peds/PICU.

According to the nomination from fellow nurses, Murff was selected for her “continued dedication, leadership, resilience and compassion. She is the glue that keeps our unit together.”

Daisy Team Award: Emergency Department.

nurses week

Other nominees: 7 West Nursing Team, Riley Associate Administrators, Burn Unit, Fetal Center, High-Risk OB Team, Riley NICU Nursing Professional Development Specialist, Riley North NICU Professional Practice Council, Riley Inpatient Pediatric Rehab Team, Riley Magnet Redesignation Support team, SFT NICU Team, SFT NICU Bereavement Council, Riley Vascular Access Team.

Brittany Gaskins Award: Grace Roembke, Emergency Department.

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Other nominees: Katie Klemple, Labor and Delivery; Jeannette Hintz, ED; Hailey Fanucchi, SFT NICU; Kelsey Martin, North Peds/PICU; Cass McCoige, PICU; Madison Jones, Labor and Delivery; Hannah McCormick, Mother-Baby. (The award is given in memory of an interventional radiology nurse to a nurse with less than 18 months’ experience.)

Stephanie Pottenger Award: Ashley Parker, 3 West Cardiac Stepdown.

nurses week 2024

Other nominees: Courtney Worland, Cardiac Cath Lab; Sarah Kuntz, Cardiac Cath Lab; and Katherine Keesling, 3 West Cardiac Stepdown. (The Heart Center nursing award for professional development is presented annually in memory of a beloved nurse on the unit who passed away from cancer in 2020.

Coach Award: Carly Cason, 5 West.

nurses week 2024

Other nominees: Kayla Beckett, Burn Unit; Nikki Boggess, ED; Kasey Boyle, ED; Kaylee Consolo, 8 East; Elizabeth D’Alfonso-Hill, PICU; Jordanne Devney, SFT NICU; Zoe Edwards, Pre-Op/PACU; Rachel Gibbons, PICU; Payton Hicks, PICU; Molly Krueger, RMT NICU; Kristin Lewis, ED; Kira Logsdon, Burn Unit; Danielle Mullaney, OB ICU; Kimberly Nash, Burn Unit; Ellen Phegley, 8 West; Kristin Pothier, Burn Unit; Alex Power, SFT NICU; Rusti Ray, North Peds/PICU; Shakiyla Rogers, PICU; Maria Ross Frenzel, PICU; Ellie Russell Adams, SFT NICU; Carli Shepherd, 9 East; Christine Slamkowski, PICU; Gracie Spesard, PICU; Katelynn Stacy, Burn Unit; Patricia Stanifer, Nursing Professional Development; April Stucky, Mother-Baby; Kasey Wilken, ED.

Partner in Care Award: Jaime Redkey, Infection Prevention.

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Other nominees: Paula Armas, Pediatric Inpatient Rehab; Nancy Attebury, Burn Unit; Katie Carter, ED; Brenda Cento, 3 West; Macenzie Cochran, PICU; Laleska Cruz, North Peds/PICU; Hannah Green, OB ICU; Nichole Haeg, Pharmacy; Betsy Johns, ED; Emily Koehn, 5 West; Chris Lindley, Riley Fetal Center; Dr. Lee Murphy, CVICU-PICU physician; Maddie Rodriguez, Child Life; Keeley Salvas, ED; Jaclyn Smith, Respiratory Care Services; Hettie Smith, 9 West; Christine Spencer, Riley Maternity; Mary Sunday, SFT NICU; Donna Talley, Labor and Delivery; Troy Tinsley, Supply Chain; Jacqueline Whitney, 3 West.

Nurse Excellence Award: Carol Hayden, 5 West.

nurses week 2024

“Our nominee started on our unit as a student nurse, and I have watched her grow immensely in her time at Riley,” the nomination letter for Hayden read. “She is our unit NPR representative, coach and over the past year has become a charge nurse on our unit. In addition to these roles, she is also a nursing practice advocate for 5W/5EA.

“The biggest area that she shines in is how well she cares for her patients. You can see the trusting relationship that she creates with them … (she) is a true light for them in the darkest time of their lives.”

Other nominees: Kristin Austin, ED/PACU; Amy Fries, PICU; Rachael Harless, 5 West; Melissa Hollar, Fetal Center; Audrey Leisinger, Pediatric Oncology; Susan Little, Maternity; Paul Plowman, Burn Unit; Kailey Potts, ED; Jenny Price, 9 West.

Margaret Martin-Roth Award: Connie Neuzerling, CVICU.

nurses week 2024

Neuzerling, a two-time winner, is described in the letter nominating her as “incredibly dynamic and involved in patient care in so many ways.”

“She provides excellent patient care at the bedside and is a vital resource for her co-workers, with a wealth of knowledge to share. Connie has dedicated 38 years to Riley. She started in the PICU and later transitioned to the CVICU. Outside direct patient care, she leads the CVICU’s Professional Practice Committee.” (Read more about her in a story later this week.)

Other nominees: Alyssa Hall, PICU; Audrey Leisinger, Pediatric Oncology; Ashley Lineback, ED; Susan Little, Maternity; Julie Parks, 5 West; Angela Seitz, Outpatient Burn Clinic; Amy Spenner, Fetal Center; Melissa Young, Pediatric Urology.

nurses week 2024

Riley Children’s Foundation grants were awarded to Tiffany Brown, Madelyn Pittard, Kailey Potts, Kirsten Reid, Sarah Rhoads and Courtney Worland.

nurses week 2024

A special nursing scholarship award on behalf of the CVICU was presented to the son of former nurse Jessica Stoebick, who passed away in December. Keaton Crockett is a nursing student who is set to graduate this year.

Photos by Mike Dickbernd, IU Health visual journalist,