Mackenzie turns to music to cope after doctors discovered large tumor in her abdomen



Mack pic

Mackenzie Wilmoth had just graduated high school and hoped to study music in college. Her plans came to a halt when doctors discovered a volleyball size tumor in her abdomen.

She was diagnosed with a desmoid tumor. Mackenzie was admitted to Riley Children’s Health. She says she was filled with anxiety over what her future would hold.

Mackenzie recalls how two of her Riley nurses made a huge impact on her during her long stay. They offered her support and encouraged her to continue using music as a source of comfort.

One of the Riley music therapists also formed a strong connection with Mackenzie.

These individuals inspired Mackenzie to continue writing songs during her hospital stay.

The doctors at Riley were able to remove the entire tumor. Now, she’s gone through follow up scans and been declared tumor-free.

Mackenzie is enjoying this new chapter and focusing on pursuing a career in the music industry. She was even chosen for a three-month internship with Taylor Swift’s former manager.