Andrew Luck & Riley at IU Health Surprise Winning Class of the Change the Play Challenge

    Today, a class of third-grade students experienced the true meaning of the football play called “the quarterback sneak.” At 9 a.m., Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and Riley at IU Health’s chief medical officer and interim CEO Dr. Paul Haut paid a surprise visit to a third-grade class at Danville South Elementary School—the winners of Luck and Riley at IU Health’s “Change the Play Challenge.”

    The class of 25 students, who just thought they were filming an exercise video for Riley at IU Health and Andrew Luck’s health and wellness program “Change the Play”, were totally unprepared for their 6-foot-4 inch, 234-lb. surprise.

    After the classroom visit, Luck and Riley at IU Health officials surprised the rest of the elementary school’s students during an assembly in the gymnasium where he answered their questions and spoke about the "Change the Play" program.



    The unexpected visit was made possible thanks to the class’ teacher, Ms. Kaleigh Branchick, who wrote the winning essay to participate in Andrew Luck and Riley at IU Health’s “Change the Play Challenge”, an 8-week course of fun and important health challenges designed to encourage kids to make better choices about food and exercise.

    In response to the question, “What do you hope your class learns or accomplishes during the 'Change the Play Challenge?," Ms. Branchick wrote:

    “With all the standardized testing my kids will be going through in the next few months I want to help keep their minds and bodies healthy and energized. I hope that through this program my kids will learn what it means to be healthy and continue a healthy lifestyle even after this program has ended. Benjamin Franklin said, ' Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.' It is my hope that actively involving my students through a series of educational and inspirational tips, led by Andrew Luck because you know that will be much more motivating than myself, my students will not become stressed during these tests and will gain useful life skills to continue using throughout their education.”


    Teachers: Find out how you can take on the “Change the Play Challenge” in your classroom. You can start at any time.

    Learn more about the “Change the Play” program.

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