Andrew Luck and Riley at IU Health surprise winning class of the “Change the Play Challenge”

Today, a class of fifth-grade students experienced the true meaning of the football play called “the quarterback sneak.” At 1 p.m., Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health's chief medical officer Dr. Paul Haut paid a surprise visit to a fifth-grade class at Lost Creek Elementary School—the winners of Luck and Riley at IU Health’s “Change the Play Challenge.”

The class of 26 students, who thought they were filming an exercise video for Riley at IU Health and Andrew Luck’s health and wellness program "Change the Play", were totally unprepared for their 6-foot-4 surprise. After the classroom visit, Luck and Riley at IU Health officials surprised the rest of the elementary school’s students during an assembly in the gymnasium where he answered their questions, spoke about the "Change the Play" program and lead a group exercise session.

The unexpected visit was made possible thanks to the class’ teacher, Ms. Sheri Reed, who wrote the winning essay to participate in Andrew Luck and Riley at IU Health’s “Change the Play Challenge”, an 8-week course of fun and important health challenges designed to encourage kids to make better choices about food and exercise. In response to the prompt, “Being active and eating healthy is what the ‘Change the Play Challenge’ is all about. Tell us what motivates your class to do so”, Ms. Reed wrote: 

“My students and I brainstormed the motivating factors to being active and eating healthy.  We concluded that our motivations come from family, friends, and ourselves! These are their thoughts on each area:

My family motivates me because they want me to be healthy and active. My sisters eat healthy and exercise. They are the people I look up to because they are always active in some way. My mom used to coach softball, so I play softball in the summer. We also have a garden so we eat healthy. We all love exercising together. We read books to keep our brain healthy.

My friends motivate me by pushing me harder. I love playing basketball with them. I love eating healthy. I am a good runner and I want to get stronger at it. Whenever my friends do something well I really want to do it. When someone tells me I can't, I try even harder. My friends help me to get outside more often, rather than playing video games. My P.E. teacher makes me want to be healthy and eat good foods. She has a motto in our class that says "Pace, not Race". She motivates us to do our best to keep our heart healthy. 

I motivate myself because I want to be in good shape and keep myself from being sick. I ride my bike around the block. I like doing that because it makes me healthy going around 3 miles.  I also like running up and down the road with my mom or cousin. I run to lose weight and be heart healthy. I know that good fruits and vegetables will help me stay strong and healthy. I am inspired to run. I like to stay fit and healthy. I like it when I run and the wind is in my face. I know that I am doing myself a big favor by exercising. Playing outside motivates me.  I love playing sports and having fun on a team.  I like to eat healthy to become stronger and better at the sports I'm involved in.  I am also motivated because I want to live longer. I want to be a good athlete. I want to work hard and accomplish my goals.”

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