Your Child's Biggest School Fears and How To Help

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With summer coming to a close, there can only be one thing on your child’s mind: the new school year! From buying school supplies to memorizing the bus schedule, there’s a lot you can do to help your child prepare for a new grade level. Your preparation may also include easing the growing nerves that your student is feeling due to all the change a new year brings.

Though going back to school is exciting, it can cause nervousness and anxiety, especially if your student is transitioning to a new campus or experiencing a full school day for the first time. “What will the teachers be like?” and “Will I fit in?” are common questions your child may be wondering as the school year approaches. Help alleviate some of those first day jitters by realizing your child’s biggest school fears and using these tips to overcome them.

How to help: The feeling of being left out or lonely is common, even if your child is returning to the same school with familiar classmates. Encourage your student to reconnect with friends from school a few days before classes start or host a “back-to-school” get together with your child’s new classmates to help rekindle old friendships and form new ones.

How to help: In grade school, the last thing children want to do is seem different from their peers. Combat the idea of conforming to fit in by highlighting and praising your child’s positive qualities. This will also help to boost confidence and self-esteem.

How to help: The idea of a new curriculum and an increasing amount of homework can be a big stressor when entering a new grade level. Set realistic expectations and assure your child of his or her ability to meet those expectations. You can also set aside time in your own schedule to help your student tackle those difficult school assignments.

How to help: Whether starting classes in a different town or transitioning up to the local middle or high school, change can be scary. Remind your child that there are other students in the same boat and share a story of your own with a similar experience to let your child know he or she isn’t alone.

Feeling nervous at the start of a new school year is common, but with these suggestions, you may be able to help relieve some of your student’s nerves before classes even begin! For more tips on how to make this school year great, check out our Ready, Set, School Articles.

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