Vote now to give Riley a chance to win quality kids’ toys



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Children’s Hospital Association invites people to vote for their favorite hospital to win hundreds of toys.

Being in the hospital is tough for anybody. But for kids, it can be a scary, lonely time. That’s why age-appropriate, quality toys play a big role in a child’s time at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

Now, the Riley community has a chance to help win hundreds of toys for Riley kids.

The Children’s Hospital Association has launched its second annual digital toy campaign, Spread Joy with Toys, and is inviting people to nominate their favorite hospital on social media. Click here and find Riley in the drop-down menu.

The hospital with the most nominations will receive hundreds of free toys from Mattel and Fisher-Price. All nominations must be in by Dec. 4.

Ann Hannan, director of the Riley Cheer Guild, encourages the Riley family to support the hospital in the contest, noting that Mattel and Fisher-Price toys are popular with patients, families and team members for their quality, safety and developmental focus.

“Mattel and Fisher-Price focus not only on toys that are fun but that also are educational, and those are the things we really value in a quality child’s toy,” she said. “We are here to support the overall development and well-being of our children.”

Each month, more than 9,000 toys, books, etc. are given to patients within the hospital from the Cheer Guild’s Toy Room. Many items have been donated, but the Toy Room requires an annual budget of $65,000 to keep a consistent inventory of the most popular items needed for distractive therapy and play.

Want to put a smile on a child’s face? Vote now to give Riley Hospital a chance to win hundreds of toys. Feel free to share this post and get your friends and neighbors to vote too.