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Six most popular fireworks and how to use them safely

Blog Six most popular fireworks and how to use them safely

Happy Independence Day! As you gear up for your traditional holiday festivities, make sure you have all the essentials: red, white and blue attire, sunscreen, a sufficient amount food and beverages to go around and of course: fireworks. Whether you are watching a large fireworks show or lighting them off at home, fireworks are a huge part of the Fourth of July weekend. But it is important to remember to take the necessary safety precautions to avoid any injuries that could ruin your holiday or injure your friends and family.

Watching and lighting fireworks are synonymous with celebrating this weekend. While they are known for entertainment and fun, fireworks are highly flammable and can be very dangerous if not handled with caution. To keep your holiday fun and free from accidents, we’ve listed the most popular Fourth of July fireworks alongside their most important safety precautions.

Taking safety measures when using fireworks is key to a successful and fun holiday weekend! A key part of enjoying the weekend with family and friends is ensuring you are relaxed and safe. We hope you refer to these safety tips when preparing for your weekend festivities and that this Fourth of July weekend is memorable for all that you share it with. Have a safe and happy holiday!

For more information about safety for you and your family visit our Safety Education and Outreach area.

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