It's Family Time

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This month we’re focusing on the importance of family and doing activities together.

Nothing brings a family closer than getting together for a family activity. Whether it’s something you have great interest in doing or something you’re unfamiliar with, spending time with your family is not only important, it can be really fun. That’s what this month is all about.

Activity: Make a Time Capsule

There’s something special about coming together as a family to create a piece you can look back on with joy. Time capsules are great ways for families to not just mark the past, but to celebrate and look back on it with fondness in the future. That’s what we want you to do this month. Create a time capsule of relevant things that happened this year or things that are important to you, bury it and set a time when you’ll come back together to dig it up.

Here are a few steps to help you create your time capsule:

  1. Find a box or bin that can not only hold the items you want to put in the capsule, but will also hold up over time.
  2. Work as a family to determine what things you want to put in the capsule.
  3. Make sure it is a mix of things that are important to you and your family as well as reminders of important things that happened this year. Putting pictures or notes to each other in the capsule can also be fun.
  4. Determine the best place to keep it. The best way is to bury it in a spot everyone knows or loves.
  5. Figure out how long you want to wait before opening it. We would suggest at least 10 years. Pick a specific date and then make a pact to be there together for that day in the future.

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