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See where the power of your imagination can take you.

When you use your imagination, you are using the full power of your mind. This month, we want you to invent, feel inspired and be creative in every way possible. Your imagination can help you do amazing things, and we want you to experience the power it has.

Activity: Think Big

This month, we want you to keep track of all your big ideas. That’s right! Whether they are dreams you’ve had, ideas you’ve thought up in your mind or situations you’ve imagined yourself being in, we want you to write them down in a journal. Try and record all of the powerful thoughts and ideas you have and use your creativity to see the meaning behind them.

Here are some examples of things you may write down:

  • A funny or wacky dream you had.
  • The description of an animal you’ve never seen before.
  • What the world would be like if there were only 3 colors?
  • What you would do if you had super powers?
  • The things you would build, if you could build anything.

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