How Does Music Affect Your Child’s Health?

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It may not be math or science, but music can play an important role in your child’s social and mental development. Studies have shown that listening and singing music as well as playing an instrument can be highly beneficial if started early.

Linguistic development

It’s no myth that children who are musical are better adapted to learning both their mother tongue as well as foreign languages. Music trains the left side of the brain, the side most involved with processing language. According to the music advocacy organization, Children’s Music Workshop, music also creates synapses in the brain that link familiar songs to new information.

Brain stimulation

Children who are musically engaged have shown high levels of neural activity compared to those who are not. According to some studies, children who received 15 months of musical instruction improved in fine motor skill and sound discrimination.

Higher grades and test scores

Recent studies have found a relationship between better grades and higher test scores among those students who study the arts. Learning music also improves reasoning skills, increases IQ and enhances memory- all-important cognitive developments for students to succeed.

Creative confidence

With music, children have the chance to express themselves in a creative way. As a child develops, musical education builds self-esteem and confidence and positively changes the way they solve problems in their social life.

Cultural literacy

If anything, music is an international language that everyone can enjoy. Children will become more engaged with the world around them and have a greater understanding of what cultural aspects bring us together.

Consider enrolling your child in a music class today to enrich their development and creative skills. Local Indianapolis music classes for kids are available from organizations like The Music Playhouse. Who knows? Maybe he or she could be the next Mozart!

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