Riley Hospital for Children Flu-related Visitor Restrictions

The flu season is off to an early and strong start. Flu activity has been reported as widespread in at least 46 states, including Indiana. Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health is currently restricting visitors to protect patients and prevent further spreading. Learn more.

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Get the Facts: Five Facts About Spring Allergies in Kids

It’s not winter anymore. Cold and flu season is over. Yet your little one is sniffling, and complaining of itchy eyes and sinus pain. Could she have spring allergies? Spring allergies affect many children, but if your child has never shown allergy symptoms before, it can be hard to tell if they’re sick or allergic. Here are some telltale signs that your child is suffering from an excess of pollen in the air, and not a cold or other disease.

  1. Your family has a history of allergies. If you, and your spouse, and your parents, and all of your brothers and sisters have allergies, there’s a good chance that your children will be allergy sufferers too. First and foremost- consider family history.
  2. Many of the telltale signs of sickness aren’t present. No fever? No scratchy throat? If some of the signs of a cold or flu are missing your child might be suffering from allergies. 
  3. Symptoms seem to get worse the longer your child spends outdoors. Pollen allergies are most prevalent outside, where the pollen is. If your little one’s symptoms seem to get worse as they spend more times outdoors, then there is a good chance that their problem is allergies.
  4. Symptoms don’t get better within a week. Colds and flus can be nasty, but they usually don’t last for a very long time. If symptoms like runny nose linger, then it’s more likely that your child has allergies and not a cold. 
  5. Non-cold symptoms manifest. Seasonal allergies have some symptoms that colds do not, including itchy, watery eyes. If you notice itchy eyes, it’s very likely that your child has allergies and not a cold.

If you do suspect that your child has allergies, bring them into the doctor and mention the symptoms. Your doctor should be able to diagnose if your child is actually suffering from allergies, and then they can prescribe treatment, or recommend your child to a specialist. To schedule a Same-Day appointment with a doctor today, click here.

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