#FriendshipFriday: The Importance of Friendship in Combating Bullying

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October is Bullying Prevention Month. When your child is bullied at school, it’s easy to feel powerless. Preventing bullying, and dealing with it and the aftermath can seem impossibly daunting. There are tools available to help you help your children. One of the most powerful tools to help kids fight bullying is friendship.

When a child is bullied, they often feel isolated and alone. Building strong friendships can help combat these feelings, giving a child powerful allies to stand against bullies, and someone to talk to when they are bullied. Friends are a key piece of the anti-bullying puzzle.

You can help your kids make friends in a number of ways:

  • Sign them up for activities they enjoy. When they do something they love, they are likely to meet other children with similar passions. This means they are likely to form strong friendships.
  • Set play-dates. Talk to other moms and dads with kids your age. Have their kids over for structured or unstructured playtime.
  • Encourage your children to be good friends. Teach your children about what bullying is and why it is hurtful. Encourage them to look for the signs that a classmate is being bullied. If they know someone is being bullied, let them know that it’s okay to speak up, and that it’s even better to be a friend to the child that is being bullied.

Regardless of how you choose to help your child make friends in the long term, something you can do right now to help bullied kids is the #FriendshipFriday pledge.

Be Part of the Movement: Take the #FriendshipFriday Pledge:

Help us combat bullying in Indiana by encouraging your children to take our #FriendshipFriday pledge.

  1. Make a sign saying #FriendshipFriday, or print one.
  2. Have you or your child take a picture with an old friend or a new friend and tag us on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure to use the hashtag #FriendshipFriday.

The #FriendshipFriday Pledge will help show kids who have been bullied that they are not alone. They have friends standing behind them, people who care about and who will be there for them. By participating, you are part of a movement to help bring an end to bullying.

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