Former Riley Patient Gives Gift of Joy through Book Donation

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When Amber Bullock was just eight months old, she became very ill. She was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a form of cancer that develops from immature nerve cells found in several areas of the body.

Amber underwent 12 hour surgeries and long stays at Riley at IU Health. 

Every day when the cart from the Edward A. Block Family Library came to her room, she and her family chose books to read together.  It became a part of their daily routine and something to look forward to in the long days spent there.

Amber, now 18 and a recent graduate of Greenwood Community High School, was too young to remember the details of her time at Riley at IU Health. However, she does remember the sense of comfort and security she felt each time she came back to Riley Hospital for doctors’ appointments and checkups.

Amber’s positive experience at Riley at IU Health gave way to a passion to give back and bring joy to other sick children. Naturally, she felt the best way to do this was through books.

Amber asked everyone she knew- friends, family, classmates, teachers and coworkers to donate books for children of all ages. She hung flyers, set up donation boxes and asked those coming to her graduation party to bring books.

Through all of her efforts, Amber collected and donated about 700 books to the family library at Riley Hospital. With the help of her family, she made sure each and every book was free of markings, rips and germs. Amber hopes to continue helping people by volunteering at Riley at IU Health and studying to become an ultrasound technician.

The Edward A. Block Family Library and Riley at IU Health are very grateful for her donation. For more information, check out the DailyJournal article. 

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