Be a Helper

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See how you can be a big helper.

There are so many ways to express kindness toward another person. Challenge yourself to show others how kind you can be. We believe there is a lot of kindness in you and we want you to express it toward friends, family and any person who may need it!

Helping is kindness. Even better, there are so many different ways we can be helpful to family and friends. That’s what we want you to focus on this month. Let’s make an effort to lend a helping hand. Here are a few suggestions for ways to be helpful:

  1. Hold doors for people.
  2. Do chores around the house without being asked.
  3. Have a lemonade stand and donate the money you make to a charity of your choice.
  4. Help someone through a tough day by saying something nice or giving them a hug.
  5. Help your parents make lunch or dinner.