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Audiology Testing Part 1

What are all those different tests that Audiology uses and why? When you see an Audiologist at Riley at IU Health as one of your specialty visits combined with your Cleft and Craniofacial Clinic visit, we will help determine the functional status of your child’s ears and how well your child is hearing. We do this through a combination of different test procedures called a test battery. We’d like to briefly explain the most common tests performed and the what, why and how behind each one. We begin with otoscopy, which is a visual inspection of the ear canal. This is done to make sure there is no debris or wax blocking the pathway of sound to the middle and inner ear. We use a special flashlight, called an otoscope and look in the ear canal. 

Next we often do a pressure test that determines how well the eardrum is functioning, this is called tympanometry. This test enables us to determine if one’s eardrum is not functioning normally, which may impact one’s hearing ability. This test is performed by placing an ear tip in the opening of the ear canal for a few seconds. 

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