5 Ways to Be Your Daughter’s Healthy Hero

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If you are a mother of a girl, you are more than likely your daughter’s role model. She looks up to you, and wants to be like you. She models her behavior off of your behavior. As a mom, it is important for you to be your daughter’s healthy hero- showing her how to live a life where she takes care of her body and her mind. Here are five things you can do to be the best role model possible for your daughter:

  1. Love your body. Young girls are bombarded with images of how women are supposed to look by the media and culture. These constant messages from the media can lead to self-esteem issues, body dysmorphia and eating disorders. What’s a mom to do? Love your own body. Let your daughter know that you value your body for what it can do, and that you are both beautiful for who you are on the inside and not just on the outside.
  2. Have a healthy relationship with food. Your daughter looks to you for an example of healthy eating habits. Eat healthy food, but also make sure that you don’t use food as reward or punishment. Food should be fuel, and eating should be something you enjoy. If your daughter sees that you have a healthy relationship with what you eat, she is more likely to develop healthy eating habits as well.
  3. Make time for yourself. When you work all day, spend the afternoons and evening driving your kids from one activity to another, make dinner, do laundry, you might find yourself stressed out. It is essential that somewhere in your schedule you find time for yourself- whether it’s 30 minutes to exercise or read a book. You and your daughter will be healthier and happier if you reduce stress in your life.
  4. Make regular trips to the doctor. Sometimes, moms put their family’s health ahead of their own. If you’re the type of mom who makes sure kids go to regular physicals, but never do so yourself, you need to make a change. Just like your kids, you need see your primary care doctor once a year. By ensuring you are physically and mentally healthy, you are also providing a good foundation for your family’s health. 
  5. Make time to play with your kids. One of the best things you can do for your daughter is make time to play with her. Free time spent with your daughter is good for her mental health and yours. It’s also a great way to ensure that both of you achieve the recommended 15-20 minutes of daily physical activity. 

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