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5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Fitness into Family Time

Blog 5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Fitness into Family Time

Making fitness a priority for your whole family can be difficult. Specifically, motivating your family to work out, and finding time for your family to work out can be a challenge. The solution? Incorporating fitness into your family time. Here are five simple ways to make your family time more fit.

  1. Assign more rigorous chores. When assigning chores for your family, make sure to include chores that will work up a sweat. Chores like gardening, cleaning cars, or even taking out the trash can help keep your family fit.
  2. Hit the great outdoors. Hiking, biking, swimming- find the nearest spot of wilderness and take your family out for an outdoor adventure. The simple act of moving through the woods or water can burn calories, and build endurance.
  3. Run errands on bikes. The next time you need to pick up a half gallon of milk at the grocery store, why not break out the bikes? If you have errands for your family to run that are near enough, ride there together on your bicycles for an added fitness kick.
  4. Play a sport as a family. Lots of kids play team sports. Did you ever think about playing with them? Set up a softball game in your backyard or a basketball game on the driveway. Playing a sport with your kids instead of just watching is a good way to get the benefits of playing a sport for your whole family.
  5. Make video games more fit. Nowadays, playing a video game doesn’t have to mean sitting around for hours on end. When you buy video games for your kids- choose active ones. Get games to require your kids to jump, run in place, and dance. When you play games, play them together as a family.

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