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5 Items to Include for the Healthiest Family Picnic Ever

Blog 5 Items to Include for the Healthiest Family Picnic Ever

Summer is a good time to get outside. Picnicking is one of the most fun things you can do with your family in the summer. Grab a blanket, some sunblock, and a Frisbee or whiffle ball and bat and head to the park or beach. When you are packing your picnic basket, here are five items you can bring for the healthiest family picnic ever.

  • Chicken Wraps. Instead of the same old sandwiches, make some fresh, tasty chicken wraps. Take roasted or grilled chicken breast, cut it into strips, and add it to a whole wheat wrap with other ingredients you like- try lettuce, tomato, mustard, or even guacamole. You can even make customized wraps to suit each member of your family.
  • Water with cucumber and mint. You know you need to hydrate, but there’s no reason your water needs to taste bland. Put water in a pitcher with slices of cucumber and fresh mint overnight. Put it into water bottles with ice and add to your picnic basket.
  • Sweet potato chips. Sweet potato chips are full of flavor and have way more nutrients and vitamins than regular potato chips. Bring these salty sweet treats on your picnic and watch your family go wild for them.
  • Watermelon. After your picnic lunch, it’s nice to have dessert. Eating healthy does not mean you need to deprive yourself. Instead of cookies or cake, bring slices of watermelon. Watermelon is sweet, cool, refreshing and provides additional hydration on a hot day.
  • Salad mixers. Take small Tupperware containers- one for each member of your picnic party. Fill them with your favorite salad. Bring a few healthy dressings with you. When it’s lunchtime, toss your dressings on your salads, and shake them up to get the dressing evenly distributed on the salad. Bringing salads on your picnic means everyone gets to eat their veggies along with your other picnic foods.

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