Riley Hospital for Children Flu-related Visitor Restrictions

The flu season is off to an early and strong start. Flu activity has been reported as widespread in at least 46 states, including Indiana. Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health is currently restricting visitors to protect patients and prevent further spreading. Learn more.

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5 Hacks to Add More Fruits & Veggies to Your Kids’ Diet

We all know that we should eat our vegetables, and fruit too for that matter. Getting all of our fruits and veggies isn’t always as easy as it sounds, especially for kids. If you want to increase the amount of plants your family eats, here are five hacks to upgrade your current diet to one loaded with healthy vegetables and fruits.

  1. Make more stir-fries. If you’re a meat and potatoes or a meat and rice type of family, try mixing vegetables with your meat (or tofu) in a stir-fry. Stir-frying meat with vegetables makes a delicious meal that can get even the most dedicated meat person to enjoy their veggies.
  2. Put fruit on your family’s cereal or oatmeal. If you’re the type to pour yourself a quick bowl of oatmeal or cereal before heading out the door in the morning, toss some blueberries or banana slices on top.
  3. Making eggs? Toss in some vegetables. Scrambled eggs are good. They’re even better with onions, green peppers, or spinach. Sautee some vegetables in the frying pan before adding eggs to make your breakfast extra healthy.
  4. Sip a smoothie. To get some fruit and vegetables in between meals, make smoothies. Freeze fruit, or even greens like kale overnight, then mix them in the blender with water, milk, or low-sugar juice. Try different combinations and recipes to find ones you like.
  5. Add vegetables to your starches. Back to meat and potatoes. Vegetables also go great with rice and potatoes. Add scallions to a baked potato, or peas and carrots to rice to add more balance and flavor to your starches.

Regardless of how you do it, make sure you eat your fruits and vegetables. The nutrients in fruits and vegetables are essential in keeping you healthy and happy.

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