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4 Tips To Protect Your Child’s Eyes When They Play Sports

Blog 4 Tips To Protect Your Child’s Eyes When They Play Sports

Whenever your child plays a sport, they’re at a slight risk for injury. In many sports, including football or ice hockey, kids wear helmets to protect their heads and pads to protect the rest of their bodies. However, one of the most vulnerable areas of their bodies is often left unprotected: their eyes. Protecting your child’s eyes is important in any sport they play. Here are four ways you can help your children protect their eyes when they play sports.

  1. Protective goggles or masks. If your child is playing a sport like football, their helmets may have protective gear built in already. Masks and protective goggles shield your child’s eyes from projectiles- whether it’s a ball or a rock from the field. The right protective eye gear is absolutely essential to keeping your child’s eyes safe.
  2. For children with glasses, athletic eyewear. Many kids wear prescription glasses to help their eyesight. If your child wears glasses and also plays sports, it may be worth your time to get glasses that are designed for athletic use. These glasses are less likely to break in the middle of a game or practice and are therefore less likely to do damage to your child’s face or eyes.
  3. Sunglasses or eyewear with UV protection. The sun’s rays can damage your eyes also. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection can help. Use a band around your child’s sunglasses to keep them affixed to their head. If they are already wearing protective eyewear, see if that eyewear is also available with UV protection.
  4. Team up with your physician. If you have additional questions about eye health and eye protection, team up with your primary care doctor to get the latest information on eye health. 

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