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Due to a rise in the number of reported flu cases and other respiratory viruses, Riley at IU Health is implementing visitor restrictions to protect patients and prevent further spreading. View full details.

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4 Things You Don’t Know About Dr. Michael McKenna

Blog 4 Things You Don’t Know About Dr. Michael McKenna

When you visit your doctor, you have all sorts of health-related questions, but you’ve probably never thought to ask them about what makes them tick. So we took care of that for you and asked Riley at IU Health pediatrician, Dr. Michael McKenna, who also goes by IronSalsa online after the name was randomly assigned as part of a trivia game, some fun questions. Dr. McKenna, who is a self-described introvert and eclectic nerd and loves being around kids all day, revealed these four interesting things you probably didn’t know:

Many consider Dr. McKenna as a role model, but who is his?

The former Dean of the IU School of Medicine and President of Purdue University, Steven Beering. “I could talk all day about what makes him a role model,” Mckenna says. To him, it’s mainly Beering’s ability to be present with every person he comes in contact with.

The three items he would want to have if he were stranded on a deserted island

Peanut butter, iTunes and The Count of Monte Cristo

Medical advancement he’d like to see in his lifetime

An artificial uterus or incubator, or some other way to prevent/ameliorate premature births. “Premature births can lead to so many other issues and complications that if we could eliminate that, we would have a quantum leap in health for a generation of children,” he explains.

Which actor he’d want to portray him in a movie

Robert Redford. “He’s still got it.”

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