Riley Hospital for Children Flu-related Visitor Restrictions in Place for NICU

Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health flu-related visitor restrictions have been lifted. However, because babies, especially those who are ill or premature, are at higher risk of serious complications if they get the flu, visitation restrictions are still in place for all Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) until further notice. 

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4 Cool & Healthy Treats for a Hot Day

Blog 4 Cool & Healthy Treats for a Hot Day

When it’s hot out, the temptation to reach for something unhealthy to cool down is strong. Whether it’s ice cream, or an icy cold soda, some of summer’s most popular treats are also some of the least healthy. Here are four treats you can reach for that will both cool you down and please your taste buds.

  1. Fruit smoothies. While ice cream might be loaded with calories and carbohydrates, a smoothie made with your favorite ingredients (like yogurt, fruit, or even greens like kale) can be a much healthier option. Try freezing fruit before blending it for an extra dose of cool.
  2. One ingredient banana ice cream. Speaking of ice cream: what if you could remove the calorie-rich cream and carb heavy sugar and replace it with something healthy? Like a banana? This recipe for banana ice cream only requires one ingredient, and makes a dessert that has the same texture as ice cream, the delicious flavor of a banana, and none of the unhealthy qualities of ice cream.
  3. Healthy homemade popsicles. Many department stores and websites now sell kits that let you make your own healthy popsicles. Pick up a kit, and get started. If you are having troubles coming up with ideas, take your healthy smoothie recipes, and put them into the popsicle molds.
  4. Flavored water (with lots of ice). It’s important to stay hydrated in the summer, but drinking enough water doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice flavor. Add some lemon, lime, cucumber, mint, or berries to your water to add flavor to your water. Don’t forget to use as much ice as possible to keep that drink frosty cold.

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